Rebellion is now

The urgency of the situation demands that we stand up and be counted. Our governments have failed us, they sign agreements, nod to the science but do nothing real in response. We have to make an intervention. Human society needs to be governed in line with the laws of ecology and society. Solving climate change means building a whole different type of society and that will only happen if we all take part. It is time for the lunatics to leave the asylum.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

Thomas Jefferson

Extinction Rebellion is our best chance of bringing climate change into everyday language; it needs to be on everybody’s lips, we need to be talking about it every day.

The next two weeks of disruption in London aims to be the spark that lights the tinder. The public needs to seize the narrative away from this corporate catastrophe and together we can evolve a new society that restores diversity and abundance to the earth. We know how to do it. Permaculture, co-operation, organic, solar powered we have to accelerate to the only future that can sustain us.

We are not innocent bystanders, the general public has obligations, and if they are not performing their obligations then it is justifiable to disturb the population. Failing to enact their social obligations to maintain and sustain a democratic and civilised society is a dereliction of social duty. We are trying to mobilise the general public.

Roger Hallam, Extinction Rebellion

Extinction rebellion are asking three things:

  • 1: Full disclosure of climate science, let’s talk realistically about this crisis we are in
  • 2: Develop policies in line with science and the agreements we have made
  • 3: Form General Citizens’ Assemblies to hold governments to account and to involve everyone in shaping a sustainable future.

Videos: Calls to Action and an extended interview with Roger Hallam of XR:

Jonathon Porritt calls to rebellion

Extinction rebellion is here. The next 2 weeks are going to be a turning point in our collective history.

Different voices, same message
Emma Thompson speaks out
Why public disruption is necessary

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