Book Launch

Heart felt thanks to everyone who came along and especially those of you helped with the book launch event in Llanrhaeadr on Oct 11th. Between the two sessions we had well over 70 visitors and so far we have distributed 300 of the 400 complimentary copies available for those resident or working in Powys.

small and slow solutions, permaculture, school  and community
The final output of One School One Planet Project, a 100 page book of practical insight into how to work with the environment.
Small and Slow Solutions, sector39
Coming together as community to face complex challenges

The book tackles the challenge of our time, how to energise and inspire people to take meaningful action on the ecological emergency. The work is framed by permaculture design, which co-ordinates actions to be in line with both community and the natural world. Combined synergistic actions could create all sorts of unexpected positive outcomes. It is via these processes, we believe, we have the potential tools to make meaningful inroads into preparing ourselves for our low carbon and climate disrupted future.

climate change generation
How we choose to respond to the climate emergency will impact greatly on the options available to the next generation.

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