Small and Slow Solutions

A guidebook exploring the climate crisis and what we can do about it. The Paris Accord begins on Jan 1st, will you be ready for the greatest challenge of the century?

Small and slow solutions focuses on the practical steps we can do to build resilience in our communities and contribute to the overall ecological crisis.

The One School One Planet team have modeled this book on the permaculture design method, presenting simple, clear and practical steps you can take to contribute to lessening the climate crisis and finding ways to help protect and enhance bio-diversity. Spread over 13 chapters the resource is designed for teachers and educators from all walks and is supported by on-line resources, videos, worksheets and lesson plans.

We have based our thinking on a simple yet powerful premise, can we engage with as wide a section of the community as possible?

We are challenging people to find their own Small and Slow Solutions and to unleash it on their own school or community. The more the better and starting small is good; there will be lessons learned and shared, ideas will evolve and cross pollinate.. we hope to unleash the collective imagination of the whole climate change generation.

There is much to learn, let’s begin now!