PDC final weekend 6

Saturday: Economics, the decision making system that brought us to this place. What might perma-nomics look like? How do we transition away from Wall Street predatory capitalism into something regenerative? We need to re-understand money and learn how to create our own currencies to facilitate trade at a community level.

David’s book RetroSuburbia suddenly seems all the more relevant; the home based economy, but how do we get the message out there?

Final thoughts to take away

Bill Mollison always ended his PDC’s with these three thoughts; I was reminded of this by Mike Feingold, who was the inspiration who taught the PDC that inducted me into permaculture. Words from many years ago that ring true today.

  • Think very carefully how dependent your life and lifestyle is dependent on the oil industry. Understand we have to transition away from this dependency, plan ahead, we know its coming. Invest and plan accordingly.
  • Make alliances with like minded people. Don’t exist under a social bubble, but be selective where you invest your energies. Teachers and leaders need to speak to each other, join networks, build sectors.
  • Get more involved in the food supply chain. Make compost, use local farmers markets and veg boxes, build links with local producers, grow some of your own food, support local retailers even if not organic.

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