Permaculture is a design system, modeled on nature offering powerful insight into how we might co-ordinate a global crisis response.

Sector39 is an educational enterprise with significant experience:

  • Permaculture design education
  • Permaculture design course
    schools/ adults/ communities
  • One School One Planet, permaculture in schools and communities
  • Wales, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya
  • Permaculture design academy

Sector39 colleagues run a range of courses, short and long all within a wider permaculture curriculum:

  • Community growing projects,
  • Organic horticulture training
  • Housing co-operative development and management
  • Forest gardens for schools
  • Delivering hundreds of courses from Full Permaculture Design to one to one training and workshops
  • Experience in many contexts, Wales – Uganda and global perspectives

Founder Steve Jones has been working in this sector since 1991, and over the years has developed an amazing network of people: teachers, growers, designers, craftsmen to put together Sector39.

Sector39 is an enterprise designed to bring people together who share a common interest in sustainability, community development, local produce, low impact building, traditional crafts and human scale development. We teach in North Wales, across the UK and in Uganda.

We work to unleash the potential for permaculture, community gardening and crafts work to create a saner, more ethical world, and ultimately sustainable world.

Based in the village of Llanrhaeadr ym mochnant in the Welsh borders, at Dragons Cooperative close to the highest waterfall in Wales.

falls at llanrhaeadr

Falls at Llanrhaeadr ym mochnant

Permaculture challenges you to accept that there is a problem, that our current economic and development goals put us at odds with our planet and are counterproductive to society at large. This is the starting point of looking for change and a different kind of thinking to resolve our problems. I like to write about solutions much more than problems, and permaculture is all about finding creative solutions.

We have to see this as a time of challenges and new opportunities, big changes are inevitable, but also the opportunity for big improvements to the way we go about doing things. I see the inevitable collapse of consumerism as our big chance to get it right!

I have moved my position over the years from simply thinking the world has gone mad in terms of pollution, consumption, waste, indebtedness and poverty to one of being a determined optimist. I am convinced that we can make an evolutionary step, learning how to live sustainably and ethically, without being in a permanent state of war with either each other or the environment.

Permaculture design provides a powerful framework to think differently, it provides a basis to tackle the many problems of the day and creates a land language and concepts that allow us to have much more informed and useful conversation about sustainability.

Permaculture is a paradigm shift, it takes us from problems and limitations to solutions and opportunities. As a dedicated team we provide courses and learning opportunities for people, groups, businesses and communities to tackle some of the most fundamental challenges we have ever faced.