Refugee Project

Working at the VST Nyumanzi

South Sudanese Refugee project

This is a project commissioned and funded by the Norwegian Refugee Council over 7 months from June to December 2018.

There are currently approx 1 million refugees in Uganda from South Sudan where citizens have fled due to inter tribal conflict fueled by resource wars over access to oil and other resources. Desertification and climate change are also fueling the conflict.

Sector39 are contracted to deliver training to 40 South Sudanese refugees and support them to train 160 more trainers in some of the world’s biggest refugee settlements. The objective is to build self reliance using permaculture design.

This is both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity for permaculture world wide.

We will be building a document of this project here:

  • Participants portraits and profiles
  • Course outcomes and reports