Sector39 is a permaculture enterprise comprising of teachers, project pioneers, activists, growers, artisans and students.

Dragons co-op in Llanrhaeadr, home to Sector39






Sector39 are highly experienced permaculture design practitioners and educators

We are based at Dragons Co-operative, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochant in Mid Wales; a social enterprise for affordable housing, permaculture enterprise and creativity.

  • partners in East Africa
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Ecology rules! An understanding and empathy for nature steers understanding towards  that of systems thinking.

The natural world is complex, dynamic, interconnected and constantly responding and evolving to change. This challenges us to find  a formula for design that can at once capture some of the dynamic creativity of nature as well as its resilience and inherent abundance and sustainability.

We call that permacutlure and value its wisdom as a tool to create a new type of economy based on ecology, regeneration and community centered development.

Permaculture encompasses everything but essentially its understanding starts from the soil and works up from there.

Climate change isn’t the problem, it is the symptom of a much bigger problem and to fix it we will have to fix everything

The Paris Accord – below, sets out our pathway to a carbon negative World but it fails to offer us the mechanism as to how we are going to get there.

The nations of the world have signed up to fight climate change by signing the Paris Accord in 2015. this sets us on a transformational journey, towards a carbon negative economy.

Climate Science: the 2016 WWF Lecture

This is the science, we have to react, what other option do we have?

In attaining the Paris targets we will also have to work towards achieving the UN SDG’s. As Prof Rokstrom points out in the video above, achieving one enables us to achieve the other.

un sdg's
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
permaculture principles
Ethics and principles of permaculture as defined by David Holmgren

Permaculture provides the mechanism, the process with which we can achieve both the UN SDG’s and Paris targets. There is no quick fix for what we have before us, we will have to train, to engineer and to design our way out of the energy, resource and pollution cul-de-sac we have built for ourselves.

In 2006 when we began the Sector39 project we decided to focus on accelerating the changes we identified as needing to happen. If permaculture is the tool to facilitate that then we decided to focus  on permaculture education as a way to empower the teachers, project leaders and facilitators of the next wave of permaculture.

Saving the planet involves creating homes and jobs and livelihoods for people every-way, meeting the needs of the planet includes enabling all to meet their needs whilst working together as an interconnected caring society that operates in harmony with the natural system, Gaia, this planet earth that we all share.

Humanity is but one species with a common destiny, permaculture helps us encompass this reality.