Chester dues

Permaculture at the Cathedral. Fascinating evening in Chester last night and hopefully laying the ground for our next permaculture design course with our partners at the Cathedral.

Surely the church could be leading the way in the fight against the ongoing impacts of climate change with its ability to mobilise a great many people and resources. I for one would welcome the sight of key institutions moving in the direction of promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation as a strategic priority. We are unprepared for the many changes climate change will bring as well as the economic shocks that will accompany it. Can the church find itself a key role at the heart of re-energised and resilient climate ready community?

At the same time the Cathedral is hosting a major art exhibition including works by Damien Hirst, resulting in a striking visual impact (pics by Lachlan Mckenzie). To my eyes the golden calf, the focus of false adulation in the Old Testament times powerfully represents the false gods of consumerism and distraction we now worship so readily!


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  1. This was a really interesting experience and i hope that good things will come from it, please consider taking part in the PDC at the Cathedral if this is of interest.

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